What is the Movement For Vitality Program??

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What is the Movement For Vitality Program??
12 Oct

What is the Movement For Vitality Program??

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What is the Movement For Vitality Program ?? 

Here’s what we all can agree on. There are two universal things that everyone is seeking in life after a certain age 1) to feel good about their body and health 2) to be able to move without pain. This is the dilemma that a lot of people are battling with in society today. Whether you are 67 years old and struggling with chronic arthritis, osteoporosis, or any other painful ailment, the NEED to be as fit as possible and move without pain is there. Possibly you’re a young working professional who has lost control of your healthy habits and you feel every bit of it, we’ve also come across this far too frequently. With that in mind, Movement For Vitality will help you improve your ability to perform fundamental movements, regain your health and allow you to perform day to day functions in a whole new manner. As we get the word out to current members at the CrossFit gym, I constantly get asked ,”How are you going to help with this type of issue?” 

Here’s a quick visual representation of what it’s done for Linda Peck our first client who has lost FIFTY POUNDS in only three months and feels amazing! Linda reports much less back and knee pain, with an incredible boost in energy and vitality! 

The program at MFV will be a unique blend of physical therapy methods combined with the latest science that drives the strength and conditioning world. Physical therapy can be seen as the treating of pain and disease with prescribed manual therapy (think massage/stretching) AND specific exercises for the body part that is injured. Our Staff (Derek Bishop Level 3 CrossFit Coach and Kyle Volstad DPT of Physical Therapy) will be taking these safe, fluid, movements with the end goal of improving range of motion and patterns within targeted areas throughout the body. We have created and discovered a proprietary way to take these cultivating movements and turn them into a fitness program, unique to the entire industry.

The program will focus on cultivating the correct movement patterns and therefore relieving pain in these areas of the body: 

  • Lumbar Spine/pelvic (low back/hips) 
  • Cervical Spine (neck) 
  • Knees/ankles 
  • Thoracic Spine/Shoulder girdle (upper back/shoulders) 
  • Wrists/elbows 

Upon your departure with the MFV program each individual will receive a Structural Physical Assessment, allowing you to be cleared into participating in the program, free of charge. The benefits of this thoroughly structured program are endless and can truly make an impact on your day to day life! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the program for you or someone who you care for, simply click the link below and get in touch with us directly! We look forward to speaking with you soon!



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