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Group Physical Fitness Classes

Our mission is to help advance the way that physical therapy is provided to those who truly need it. With our class sessions focused to help provide thorough care to 50+ year old residents who are looking to regain strength, endurance, stability, healthy and overall vitality. We believe that these group classes are truly life changing to those seeking a positive experience with assisted exercise training. The benefits are endless, take a look a just a few:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase balance
  • Increase strength
  • Weight Loss
  • Improve Sleep
  • Enhance natural health

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Physical Therapy

Get the help you need when it comes to physical therapy. With our on staff doctor who can assist you independently or with our group sessions that help you get more enjoyment with every therapeutic experience!

Personal Training

Create benchmarks and observe physical performance by the numbers. In order to help create a better system we start your voyage with an assessment that observes your current bodily functions and performance.

Enjoy The Lifestyle That You Want!

The #1 Fitness Community For Ages 50+ 

In order to help you live the lifestyle that you want, we aim to help you implement useful techniques into your weekly routine that will enhance your physical health! From group classes that focus on balance, endurance and vitality to frequent health measurements that will create benchmarks for your success!

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