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The group class environment is our #1 way to create a true movement for vitality with those who are seeking to improve their lifestyle. These small group sessions are focused on the core elements that are essentials for those who are 50+. Take a look at just a few of the benefits to our group classes below!


✔ Increase Balance                                      ✔ Enhance Healthy Body Functions

✔ Increase Mobility                                     ✔ Increase Strength

✔ Enhance Range of Motion                      ✔ Reduce Health Problems

✔ Increase Endurance                                 ✔ Increase Weight Loss

✔ Enhance Brain Function                         ✔ Promote Anti-Aging


There Are Endless Benefits to Group Physical Therapy Fitness!

We Offer More Benefits Than Traditional Physical Therapy Sessions

Get Started With The #1 Fitness Class For The 50+ Community

Endless Benefits With Movement For Vitality

More Affordable

Our classes are focused on results driven training methods with a blend between fitness and therapy. With every technique sculpted to help you enhance performance in the fashion that you are seeking, we believe that the results will speak for themselves.

A Better Environment

This isn’t our first rodeo! We’ve been able to help hundreds of Palm Beach County residents find a home to get health and perform within fitness classes. We have seen the true impact of group fitness session and we believe it can help you too!

Your All in One Solution

With a doctor on staff and our passion to help you become the healthiest you can be, we believe that we provide an all in one solution for changing your physical health. Visit us in West Palm Beach at our full-service facility and find out how we can help you today!

Reach Your Full Potential

We’ve seen that some traditional physical therapy practices lack assistance from all angles of the fitness world. Whether you are struggling with repairing from a surgery, you simply want to be healthier or you’re looking to take fitness to a new level, then we can help!

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