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8 Nov

How Can a Physical Therapist Help You?

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Whether you are suffering from physical injuries or illness that affects your mobility and movement, you need a physical therapist. Also known as PTs, these professionals help people who have lost their mobility functions due to age, illness or accidents. The therapist determines the main cause of the trauma and thus provides counseling to the patients and works with them to create a rehabilitation plan. Many people often wonder if they are the right candidate for physical therapy. In this post, we are going to read about ways how can a physical therapist help you. Let’s get started…

What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is a trained individual who provides care to those people who have functional problems. From sprains, strains, back and neck injuries to arthritis, amputation, fractures, neurological disorders like cerebral palsy, stroke, and injuries related to sports and work, a Physical Therapist provides the right treatment to improve the condition.

They create plans that involve exercises, stretching, strength training, and physical manipulation, helping their patients to recover. Also, they will educate their patients along with their families about all the possibilities of the treatment along with keeping them motivated during ongoing therapy.

Physical therapists are informed about the limitation of their patient’s body after surgery and therefore, help them ensure successful results. Their treatment helps in

• Restoring motor function
• Avoiding future disability
• Helping patients to recover after a surgery or injury
• Working with their patients to create a fruitful treatment plan
• Providing treatment through exercise plans

A good therapist aims to provide the best treatment that helps the patients to recover.

How can Physical Therapists Help you?

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for millions of people across the world. The therapists play a vital role in creating treatment plans and educating patients to improve patient lives. Below are the most effective ways by which a physical therapist can help you.

• Stretching Joints and Tightening Muscles

One of the vital things in maintaining a good range of motion with joints and muscles flexibility is ‘Stretching.’ If you have tight muscles or stiff joints, your normal activities like reaching overhead, or climbing stairs can be seriously affected. However, with proper stretching, you will not only get relaxation but also able to preserve these functions. Especially during surgery or accidents, soft tissues start to contracts whereas scar tissues start forming. With stretching done by a physical therapist, your scar formation doesn’t get in the way of your rehabilitation.

• Exercise- Strengthening your Body

Strengthening exercise is designed to improve the functionality of your muscles. The goals here are to increase endurance, improve strength and improve your range of motion. The doctor and physical therapist will always suggest post-operative exercises because of some restrictions for your surgery. By doing proper workouts with the assistance of your physical therapist, you can take care of the injuries of the neck, back, shoulder and knee.

• Stability and strength of the Core

Core strengthening and stability are major developments in physical therapy. The core of the body is like the roots of the tree. If it is weak, there is a risk of collapse or damage. The same is the case with your body, if the core of the body is weak, you are most likely to experience chronic overuse syndromes or acute injuries. Your physical therapist helps you with the core strengthening of your pelvis and back muscles. The exercise programs like pilates help in increasing the core stability of the body. This is the reason many professional athletes are regular in pilates training and workouts.

Does Physical Therapy really Work?

The short answer is ‘Yes.’ Physical therapy can do wonders if you consult a professional physical therapist. It is the job of the therapist to listen to their patients and suggest proper treatment.

Movement For Vitality, West Palm Beach

Finding a Physical Therapist in West Palm Beach

Whether you need a physical therapist to reduce back/neck pain, improve mobility, weight management or improve balance, Movement for Vitality has got you covered! The expert therapist provides you a proper treatment plan to provide you optimal health and performance. If you are 50+, Movement for Vitality provides group physical therapy fitness, individual physical therapy, personal training as well as all-in-one physical health. From balance to weight loss, and increased stability, you will get the best treatments from the professional team of physical therapists.
For more details, you can visit the main website.

12 Oct

What is the Movement For Vitality Program??

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What is the Movement For Vitality Program ?? 

Here’s what we all can agree on. There are two universal things that everyone is seeking in life after a certain age 1) to feel good about their body and health 2) to be able to move without pain. This is the dilemma that a lot of people are battling with in society today. Whether you are 67 years old and struggling with chronic arthritis, osteoporosis, or any other painful ailment, the NEED to be as fit as possible and move without pain is there. Possibly you’re a young working professional who has lost control of your healthy habits and you feel every bit of it, we’ve also come across this far too frequently. With that in mind, Movement For Vitality will help you improve your ability to perform fundamental movements, regain your health and allow you to perform day to day functions in a whole new manner. As we get the word out to current members at the CrossFit gym, I constantly get asked ,”How are you going to help with this type of issue?” 

Here’s a quick visual representation of what it’s done for Linda Peck our first client who has lost FIFTY POUNDS in only three months and feels amazing! Linda reports much less back and knee pain, with an incredible boost in energy and vitality! 

The program at MFV will be a unique blend of physical therapy methods combined with the latest science that drives the strength and conditioning world. Physical therapy can be seen as the treating of pain and disease with prescribed manual therapy (think massage/stretching) AND specific exercises for the body part that is injured. Our Staff (Derek Bishop Level 3 CrossFit Coach and Kyle Volstad DPT of Physical Therapy) will be taking these safe, fluid, movements with the end goal of improving range of motion and patterns within targeted areas throughout the body. We have created and discovered a proprietary way to take these cultivating movements and turn them into a fitness program, unique to the entire industry.

The program will focus on cultivating the correct movement patterns and therefore relieving pain in these areas of the body: 

  • Lumbar Spine/pelvic (low back/hips) 
  • Cervical Spine (neck) 
  • Knees/ankles 
  • Thoracic Spine/Shoulder girdle (upper back/shoulders) 
  • Wrists/elbows 

Upon your departure with the MFV program each individual will receive a Structural Physical Assessment, allowing you to be cleared into participating in the program, free of charge. The benefits of this thoroughly structured program are endless and can truly make an impact on your day to day life! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the program for you or someone who you care for, simply click the link below and get in touch with us directly! We look forward to speaking with you soon!