A Passion To Help The Community Live Healthy Since Day One

Your All in One Place To Become Physically, Mentally & Emotionally Strong!

The Foundation of Movement For Vitality

We are a full-service physical fitness facility with the goal to turn traditionally expensive, one-on-one physical therapy sessions into group classes that blend therapy and fitness into a group setting for optimal results!

Our goal is to assist the 50+ age community with life’s physical struggles that may be inhibiting their daily life. From increased stability and balance to weight loss and more! We believe that we can make a true impact within the community in helping provide a top level group setting that provides thorough results.

OurĀ Experience

We have been able to compose a team of quality professionals that bring a unique ability to the program! In order to create the best program for you, we have aggregated the thoughts and experience from a local gym owner, certified local physical therapist, physical trainers, scientists and industry experts.

Take a look around and you’ll find a community that is truly by your side while regaining strength, youthfulness and overall vitality!

We look forward to seeing you in an upcoming class!


This Isn't Our First Rodeo!

When you stop by our facility you will find us directly inside “The Crossfit Squad” which is our partner in helping create a healthy community! This allows us to be able to offer any type of service that you may be looking for!

The Movement For Vitality classes will be constructed inside an air cooled space with an all new renovated room that occupies our every need!