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The Benefits of Renewed Vitality While Working Together

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Reduce Pain

The Movement For Vitality program focuses on increasing circulation with safe movements and exercises during your time spent in the group…

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Improve Mobility

With this format of training, clients will see their full potential reached through quality range of motion activities…

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Weight Management

With constant movement in our class sessions, this program is based off the latest science and is proven to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle…

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Improve Balance

The chosen routines have been built by world class Physical Therapist’s and Trainer’s with a priority on improving balance and overall…

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Manage Medical Conditions

Our goal at Movement For Vitality is to help make you as health as possible! This even means…


Hear It From Others

Together we focus on the most important elements to regaining strength, balance and vitality. At Movement For Vitality you will find a one of a kind system that creates a lively environment blended with movements and processes that are directed towards assisting you with incremental success.

Regenerating your health can be done in a healthy, enjoyable way and we strive to help you achieve just that. Relieving you from traditional medicine and allowing you to further your health from a natural level is our goal. Feel better, look better and perform better than every before with Movement For Vitality!

our process

While providing the best results we can, we guide you through a process that combines health, science and fitness all in one place. In order to ensure that we see proper growth we create measurements that allow us to dictate the best course of action from day one.

Together We Can Achieve Anything

In order to help create the most effective environment for you to your group sessions, we're constantly seeking the best ways to help build a stronger and more enjoyable facility!

Various Cardio Equipment
Various Cardio Equipment
Health Analysis Systems
Health Analysis Systems
Flexible Training Times
Flexible Training Times
Air Cooled Setting
Air Cooled Setting
Experienced Trainers
Experienced Trainers
Healthy Habit Techniques
Healthy Habit Techniques
Doctor On Staff
Doctor On Staff

Stories From Members

Lisa McCanne
Lisa McCanne

"I love joining the movement for vitality classes every week. They really allow me to concentrate on getting better oppose to squeezing in as many workouts as I can into a short session like other places. I love the trainers and love the location, it's close to downtown West Palm Beach!"

Joseph D.
Joseph D.

"I live up in New York for half of the year and I have been in need of a physical therapist for years. I decided to take their first step of the class and perform the assessment and I just got along with everyone great. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else because these guys have everything you need and more all located in one place. I also enjoy that they have another gym along side the classes, if anyone visits me I can bring them their and they can do what they need to do in the same place! "

Maria V.
Maria V.

"My husband and I need a place that will help us with getting back in shape, but in a way that works for our age. The team here is just so knowledgeable and they have a psychical therapist that helped answer some of my important questions with my knees. I look forward to the classes every week!"

Get To Know Your Body On A Better Level

Start Improving Your Healthy And Rejuvenate Your Body By Starting With a Psychical Health Assessment!

How We Help You

We know that everyone is in a different place during their path to gaining true vitality. This has allowed us to create a system that fulfills the complete circle towards optimal health and performance. Whether your current state means that we need to start things off a bit slower or you're ready to take physical performance to a new level, we can help you during each and every phase!

The only place where physical therapy meeting physical fitness, located in West Palm Beach, Fl!

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Group Physical Therapy Fitness

Enjoy all of the benefits that comes with physical therapy while also enhancing your level of physical fitness!

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Individual Physical Therapy

One-on-one therapy with our on staff doctor can help you get back to performing the daily activities that you love!

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Personal Training

One-on-one training long side our licensed and certified personal training staff  will help you take fitness to a new level!

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Our All-In-One Physical Health

Everything you need to recharge, rejuvenate and rehabilitate your body for optimal health and vitality!

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We would love to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have prior to calling or visiting us. Feel free to enter you information below in order to get in contact with our team of certified trainers today!

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    Movement For Vitality is located on 512 Evernia St Suite 102, West Palm Beach. From Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) head west on James L Turnage Blvd and turn left to stay on James L Turnage Blvd. Then take the ramp onto I-95 N and use the right 2 lanes to take exit 70 to merge onto FL-704 E/Okeechobee Blvd toward Downtown. Next, use the left 2 lanes to turn slightly left toward S Tamarind Ave and use any lane to turn left onto S Tamarind Ave. Finally, turn right onto Evernia St and you will reach Movement For Vitality. We are open Monday – Thursday 5am – 8pm, Friday 5am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm, Sunday 8:30am – 12pm. For additional questions you can call us at (561) 440-1812 or you can find us on Yelp.